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Mission and Vision Statement

A picture says a thousand words, at Y point we use numbers to paint pictures. Pictures that help you understand your enterprise, nay your ecosystem better. Pictures that help you not just analyze your business better but optimize it; take it to the next frontier of performance.

If, as a business, you feel you could have delivered better, or had the wherewithal to do so but failed you need to take a look at Collaboration, Optimization and Analytics solutions.

Vision Statement - Create a world class data focused professional services organization along with a school of data where various uses of data, methods of data manipulation and presentation will be taught and researched. Use the data integration methods and techniques to provide data on people and organizations globally.

Mission Statement – Create Simple and elegant solutions that enable effective decision making by delivering right data to right individuals at the right time.

Team Y point brings with itself an experienced and dynamic team that understands how returns in business map to the Data architecture and the IT landscape in an enterprise. Team Y point has some of the best technical stars blended with an appetite for innovation and an attitude of ‘looking beyond the obvious’.

Our founding partners have led some of the most innovative solutions in the space of Business Warehousing, Data Integration, and Intra as well as Inter-organization Intelligence. For us comprehensive experience means wrapping up diverse multiple years of experience into a few and not a couple of years experience repeated multiple times.

We believe in applying our experience to continually push ourselves up the learning curve, up the curve of innovation.
Come scratch our skulls, nay feel our grey matter.

At Y point solutions we believe that fundamentals form the basis of a sound consulting capability. We encourage our employees to think beyond the obvious , articulate differently and think of newer designs that satisfy the next generation business needs. We believe in

–  Flat organizations that have teams aligned to goals
–  Rewarding risk takers
–  A premium on innovation
–  Value driven Experience not simply quantum of  years
–  Giving environment that motivate you to work.